About Us


Gladius Games was founded in 2012 by Matt Puccio, a veteran of the video game industry. After working on several AAA MMO titles, Matt's lifelong love of all types of games led him to work on a number of freelance projects including non-video game work.

Matt provides professional, freelance Game Design in the following areas:

  • Game systems design
  • Video game design
  • Board, card, and miniature game design
  • RPG scenario design

Matt has professional experience in game design and software and database development. Additionally, he has extensive experience designing tabletop games - miniatures, board and card games, RPG supplements - as well as writing and producing Live Action Roleplaying events. He has also implemented a number of puzzle Geocaches, GPS-based treasure hunts.


  • Senior Systems Designer at Idol Minds - Louisville, CO
  • Lead Systems Designer at LEGO - Play Well Studios - Louisville, CO
  • Lead Systems Designer at NetDevil, Ltd. - Louisville, CO
  • Senior Web Application Developer at MWH Global, Broomfield CO
  • QA Engineer at Quark, Denver CO
  • Technology Coordinator and Physics Teacher at Adams 12 School District, Northglenn CO


  • Masters Degree, Computer Information Technology/Object Oriented Software Engineering, Regis University, Denver CO
  • Bachelors Degree, Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
  • Secondary Education teaching certification, University of Colorado, Boulder CO

Game Design

  • Unreleased card/miniature game - Game design
  • Contributor, RPG Review (Issue 18, 12/2012)
  • Geocache GPS Treasure Hunt - Puzzle design, implementation
  • Warrior's Lair - PS3/Vita dungeon crawler, Idol Minds (2012) - Economy, itemization, rewards
  • LEGO Universe - MMO, NetDevil (2010) - Design for all main game systems
  • Auto Assault, MMO, NetDevil (2006) - Item and reward design
  • Fantasy Rules System, International Fantasy Gaming Society (1999) - Combat, class abilities, game balance
  • Unpublished tabletop game supplements